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“Confidence is the best accessory. Jewellery is the highlight.”


Who's Eileen Jewel?

Eileen Jewel, the co-founder of Eileen Jewel store, after several years study in design and metalsmithing, Eileen wielded her artistry and craftsmanship talents to found her own jewelry company in 2016. Drawing inspiration from her vast and worldly travels, Eileen’s appreciation of all cultures, traditions, and lifestyles is evident throughout her innovative designs.

While her collection is always evolving, her brand identity is constant – Eileen’s pieces capture a unique aesthetic, balancing elements that are feminine and edgy, fluid yet sharp, and offering compositions that are both thoughtful and beautifully captivating. Eileen reinforces the concept to create “jewelry to make every day special.”

Our Mission

While our city is picturesque and laid back, here, at Eileen Jewel, we are on a mission! Our mission is to offer a customer-focused experience, while presenting jewelry collections that are not only beautifully designed and skillfully handcrafted, but also bursting with passion, heart and a touch of Southern charm.  We want our pieces to speak to you and be relevant to every moment in your life that tells a story.

Our Vision

Our vision is to witness the empowerment of human-kind through a new appreciation for the respect of free will and the fearless expression of individuality. Be who you are unapologetically and allow people to love you for the most authentic representation of you. 

To Empower

We’re proud of being a female-led and female-driven business and try to use our brand as a platform to inspire change.The most rewarding part of our work remains hearing from and connecting with the women who wear our pieces as reminders of their own strength, determination and accomplishments. No matter where you’re headed, Eileen Jewel is a constant reminder of the power of strength and courage against all odds.

To Be Real

In its truest and simplest sense. We are a company made up of real people, passionate people, people who want to challenge and be challenged. We’re constantly learning and striving to do better. We hold each other up when we do well and hold ourselves accountable when we get it wrong.

Because life is an adventure best enjoyed together.